All portrait photography provided by William Austin

MY story

My journey into self-love coaching began a few years ago, when I took a step back & really listened to how I spoke about myself, I was my worst critic. I spent years chasing unrealistic expectations, comparing myself to others & constantly undermining all of my successes. It wasn’t until I opened up about this to other people, that I realised; most people were in the same frame of mind.

I decided enough was enough & that I deserved more from myself. It wasn’t until speaking with a life coach that my behaviours began to change. Being kinder to myself allowed me to flourish. I lead a completely different life now, filled with validation, love & warmth & guess who I get it all from? Myself.

Inspired by the impact this had on my life, I wanted to aid others in doing the same. I qualified as a life coach in 2018 & have loved every second since. Coaching is an investment in yourself. It facilitates a space for you to grow, heal, reflect & set goals. We’ve all been overwhelmed, hypercritical of ourselves & burnt out, but by making this time for yourself, you are taking back control. You are being kinder to yourself just by starting.

I pride myself on creating a cosy, laid back environment that my clients can really utilise to get the most out of each session. Clients leave sessions with clarity, positivity & feeling like a weight has been lifted.

Outside of coaching I lead a calm, mindful lifestyle. I regularly attend meditation & restorative yoga sessions to help me to detox my body & mind. I live for long candle-lit baths, fresh bed sheets & fluffy socks. That paired with some sort of pasta dish & I’m one happy lady. I’m vegan & incredibly passionate about animal rights & the environment. Overall I’d describe myself as a kind, loving soul who loves connecting with people & making a difference in the world.

Abbie is so easy to talk to, she makes you feel so comfortable from the get go. Even after only one session I felt I was beginning to take positive steps forward, I was so excited to go back the next week for our second session!
— Natalie